ADOBE LIVECYCLE IS RETIRING! Rejuvenate your business with migration to AEM Forms

ADOBE LIVECYCLE IS RETIRING! Rejuvenate your business with migration to AEM Forms

Why you should migrate from Adobe LiveCycle to AEM Forms?

Adobe LiveCycle support is expiring in March 2020. This means Adobe will no longer provide product or technical support for LiveCycle.


What does this mean for businesses?

Customers of Adobe LiveCycle are using it for critical parts of their business and operations. Not having support from Adobe means customers will have to rely on external vendors for help, however, even then LiveCycle cannot fulfil the business needs of complex customer communication. LiveCycle still uses Flash technology that isn’t sustainable due to security concerns and lack of support from browser vendors due to its unpopularity.


How will migrating to Adobe AEM help your business?

Adobe AEM offers vastly more functionalities than retiring LiveCycle and it is built for the modern, digital world we live in. Mobile traffic has increased by 222% in the last five years. Adobe understands this and compatibility with mobile devices and tablets is now much smoother and is built in from the start. This will help your business to be ready for scaling and providing the best customer experience possible.


Why we are the best partners for you?

When some LiveCycle customers were migrating on their own, new versions of the software would break their existing deployment because of the dependencies of the deprecated programs/functions. Migrating successfully and getting the right expert support is vital. We make sure that the migration does not affect your business operations. We have worked on over 50 LiveCycle to AEM migration projects within the financial services industry and governments.


Leave us to work on your AEM migration while you focus on growing your business.

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