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Our values

Within the ajila team, we shape our work life and teamwork based on the ajila values. They are also driven by our operating model and form the foundation of the ajila identity.

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We have fun at work

I am proud of the success of my team. I see the sense of my valuable contribution in the team. I am satisfied at the end of a working day

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We are reliable and trustworthy

I am a responsible partner and keep my promises. I deliver solutions on time and in high quality. I behave agilely and am always flexible

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We have fun at work

I have full respect for others and communicate accordingly. I share my knowledge to ensure continuous progress. I ask for feedback to constantly develop my skills

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We have fun at work

I listen carefully and understand the needs of customers. I create solutions to make customers successful. I maintain trusting partnership with our customers

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We drive innovation

I invest my resources to identify areas for improvement. I am courageous to introduce new ideas - "Save enough to try". I always take a change as a positive challenge

New talents

At ajila, we are always looking for motivated team members to find inspiring solutions for our clients! 

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