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Online forms

Our ajila Forms Cloud helps you to handle all your forms processes digitally with one solution approach from A - Z without media breaks.

Everything for your online forms

Online forms help to optimize business processes with your customers, partners and employees. You save time, avoid manual duplicate entries and put an end to the tedious flood of paper. The logic-based and efficient completion with any end device guarantees you good data quality and high conversion rates. Hundreds of business processes can be mapped with our intelligent digital form processes. As the following customer examples show:

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Our online forms offer you extensive advantages


Scaling thanks to central form modules

Thanks to the large selection of existing building blocks such as data pickers, map integrations, payment connections or digital signatures, we provide the right form library for your project. No matter how many digital forms are to be mapped, we always use the same form building blocks and thus ensure scaling effects. The form components can be implemented and integrated optimally to your design and website requirements.

Useful if: You have a large number of forms with recurring elements that you want to maintain centrally.

Create form once for all end devices

With many PDF-based forms (writable or static), the problem is that form users with certain devices cannot complete the documents, or can only do so with difficulty. Our form processes are built to be optimized for all devices and provide an optimal customer experience.

Use cases: Anywhere where there are still a lot of PDF documents in use and your stakeholders can't fill out the forms with mobile devices.

Input - Online form process - Output

We integrate your specialist systems for data prepopulation into your form-based processes using state-of-the-art interface technology (REST API). In addition, we connect relevant web services such as address services and hand over the created and, if required, digitally signed documents as well as the collected data back to your relevant output channels. As a result, you gain efficiency, increase data quality, and avoid unnecessary and time-consuming double data entry.

Use cases: Create banking documents, digitally map citizen forms, process damage reports...


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Our ajila Forms Cloud helps you to handle all your forms processes digitally with one solution approach from A - Z without media breaks.