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Standardized HR processes - 100% digital!

Less administrative work and more time for employees, thanks to a fully digital Employee Journey.


Transform your HR department into a digital employer journey

In an increasingly digitalized business world, it is crucial that the HR department also keeps pace. With our innovative HR services, we offer the solution to efficiently digitize HR processes and provide employees with a seamless and contemporary employee journey.


We guarantee:


Time and cost savings

Saving time and resources thanks to the use of digital tools and automated workflows. This allows you to focus on strategic tasks and increase the efficiency of HR processes.


Easy communication

Digital communication tools improve internal communication, share important information quickly and effectively, and build stronger employee engagement.


Seamless integration

Integrate our standardized HR processes seamlessly into existing applications. No additional software required. HRbox can be used directly from the already implemented software.

Use Cases & Service Packages HRbox

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  • Consulting
  • Implementation
  • ajila HRbox
  • Operation & Maintenance

Fabienne Roos

"HRbox is a comprehensive platform specifically designed to digitize and automate HR processes. What sets it apart from other solutions is its seamless integration with existing applications. Instead of implementing a separate HR software, companies can use HRbox directly from their existing software. This enables smooth and seamless integration without the need for additional resources or training."

This is why companies trust us

  • Confidentiality
    Ajila always treats customer data confidentially and is compliant with CH-DSG and EU-GDPR
  • Data processing
    Form data is only stored temporarily and is irrevocably deleted after successful transaction
  • Location
    Form data is only processed and stored at an ISO 27001 cloud provider in Switzerland
  • Encryption
    The form data is always encrypted during transmission and at rest
  • Access
    Very restricted access policy by vetted employees of ajila AG or Swisscom. Accesses only allowed from Switzerland

More conversions, thanks to digitization

Exploit the full potential of your HR department. We support you in this.

  • By using digital tools and automated workflows, you reduce manual effort and save valuable time and resources. Time that you can invest in strategic tasks and increase the efficiency of your HR processes.
  • Digital HR services improve internal communication, share important information quickly and effectively, and build stronger employee engagement.
  • Our platform ensures regulatory compliance and keeps sensitive HR data secure. We place great emphasis on data protection and offer the assurance that data is in safe hands.

Strong partners

Benefit from our excellent relationships with our renowned partners from day one.

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