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ajila is the competent partner when it comes to the digitalization of business processes. From the creation of the initial concept to the development and implementation of customized solutions to the accompanying change management. We support companies on every step of the way of digitalization and stand by as a reliable partner.
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From strategy consulting to project implementation

Our experienced team with profound know-how and 20 years of experience supports our customers before, during and after the digital transformation of their business processes. Our specialists offer professional support and provide solutions to digitalization issues. Professional consulting and planning support with a proven methodology can help to realize the project successfully.

Advice & Consulting

We offer individual consulting to understand your requirements and find the best way to digitize for your business. We offer you an individual consultation to analyze your business processes and find out how digital technologies can help to optimize and automate these processes. During the consulting phase, we discuss your goals and requirements with you to determine the best approach and guide the planning of the project in the right direction. We also recommend our appropriate technologies and tools to ensure that your requirements can be optimally met and your processes can be made more effective and efficient. We also help you understand the different options for digitization to ensure that you find the best solution for your needs. Overall, the "Consulting" service in the area of digitization offers you the opportunity to benefit from our know-how and experience and ensure that your project is on the right track from the start to optimize your business processes and achieve your goals.

Project Management

We coordinate and monitor the project from start to finish to ensure that everything runs smoothly and the project is completed on time. As part of the project management process, the Project Manager will clarify project goals and requirements, allocate resources, establish timelines, identify and mitigate risks, and coordinate and communicate with the project team and relevant stakeholders. The Project Manager will ensure that project milestones are met by tracking progress and obstacles and taking action to keep the project on track.

Requirements analysis

During requirements analysis, your needs are captured, analyzed, and documented to ensure that our product meets all requirements and meets your expectations. This usually starts with a comprehensive understanding of your needs. The analyst will work closely with you to understand their business processes and requirements. Then, these requirements are transformed into specific functions and features that need to be implemented in the software. The analyst will also ensure that the requirements are clear and concise to avoid misunderstandings. Thorough requirements analysis can minimize risks and ensure the success of the product.


We provide comprehensive development of the software application (ajila Forms Platform), from prototyping to final implementation. Development is usually done in close cooperation with the customer and other involved parties such as designers, testers and project managers. The development team will be guided by the requirements defined during the requirements analysis and ensure the functionality, security and performance of the software product. It will include various phases such as design, implementation, testing and deployment. During design, the architectural concept of the product is developed and its functionality is defined. During the implementation phase, the product's code is written and tested to ensure that it meets the requirements. The testing phase ensures that the product functions without errors and fulfills its purpose. Finally, the deployment phase brings the product into productive use.

Quality assurance

We thoroughly test your application to ensure that it is bug-free and stable. This usually starts early in the development process and involves various methods and techniques to ensure that the product meets the requirements and is bug-free. One important method is testing, which involves checking the product for bugs and defects to make sure it works smoothly. In addition, quality assurance includes checking the usability, performance, safety, and reliability of the product. This verification is often done using beta tester or end user testing and reviews. This helps to increase customer satisfaction and minimize the risk of malfunctions.


We ensure that your application goes live successfully and that all functions work smoothly. This requires close collaboration between our development team and the customer to ensure that the implementation goes smoothly and the product is fully integrated into the customer's IT infrastructure. Our development team ensures that all your training and support needs are met to ensure that the product can be used effectively.
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Training & Support

Training & Support typically begins after implementation is complete and includes training customers and users of the product on the features, user interface, and technology that the product supports. This can take the form of training or documentation. In addition, training and support includes providing technical support to customers and users of the product. This includes answering questions, resolving technical issues, and assisting with the integration of the product into the IT infrastructure.

More conversions, thanks to digitization

We would be happy to show you how we not only digitize analog processes, but revolutionize them.

  • Increase your conversion rate by offering your customers simple and automated onboarding and retention processes that are available 24/7.
  • Identify your customers at the highest level according to the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA), zertES & eiDAS and cover all FINMA and BaFIN requirements.
  • Automatically authorize your customers to sign at the highest level with our identification process: the Qualified Electronic Signature.

Happy customers

We are proud to have been designing digital business processes and customer communications of great companies from a variety of industries since 2003.

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Strong partners

Benefit from our excellent relationships with our renowned partners from day one.

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