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ajila Forms Check

With our well-founded and field-tested concept, we provide the solution path for how electronic signatures, form management, document generation and output management can be digitalized holistically with one solution approach.

The electronic signature is just the tip of the iceberg

Anyone who wants to introduce an electronic signature should also think about how the upstream form processes and the collected data "front-to-back" can be handled in an end-to-end digitalized manner all the way into their customer systems. With 20 years of experience with industry leaders in banking, insurance, government, industry and energy, we have developed a revolutionary and practical solution approach: the ajila Forms Check. It provides you with concrete solutions and answers for your own business processes.

ajila Forms Check

In practice, we are seeing more and more companies initiating projects to evaluate digital signature solutions. However, the needs often extend far beyond the pure signature issue. Processes are to be optimized, form inventories standardized, and contract documents automatically generated on the basis of recorded customer data. In addition, the digitization projects should be optimally integrated into the existing system landscape and data governance and security issues should be competently clarified.

1. Detailed analysis and best practice




2. Prototype, signatures and integration





3. Data governance and architecture





4. Concrete solution idea


Find out what added value the ajila Forms Check has in store for you.

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These are the concrete results you get from the ajila Forms Check

Comprehensive solution document

During the implementation of the ajila Forms Check, the ajila experts conduct practical and solution-oriented workshops with the responsible know-how bearers in your company. The results of these workshops, as well as valuable input from our 20 years of practical experience, are then incorporated into your solution concept. As well as the concrete project proposal including a possible time schedule and project budget, so that you can concretely represent the further digitization projects internally.

User Flow and Prototype

Together with you, we develop a concrete prototype in the ajila Forms Check, in which a concrete digitized form process is presented in combination with automated contract creation and the appropriate digital signature. This gives you a concrete understanding of what the implemented solution process will look like and you can use it to create internal awareness among your stakeholders.

Management Summary Slides

We summarize the findings from all workshops as well as the development of the user flows and the prototype for your project stakeholders in a compact form so that you can optimally represent the project in your decision-making bodies. 

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Thought through down to the smallest detail - we have thought of everything, take you by the hand and guide you step by step into the digital transformation of your processes from A-Z.

Needs analysis

  • You explain to us where the shoe pinches and what challenges you have with your application sections, your forms, contract generation and the use of electronic signatories.


  • We show in detail how other companies from the same industry work with their forms processes.
  • We show lessons learned from other forms projects and incorporate them into the development of the project idea.

Analysis of the forms

  • We classify your existing form inventory into simple, medium-complex and complex forms.
  • We identify repetitive elements with you and show you how great scaling can be achieved by harmonizing your form content

Prototype form process

  • We work with you and your team to identify a pilot form process, which we map in detail in a design prototype.
  • This gives you a clear impression of what your future forms could look like and you can use the prototype for internal acceptance processes and project marketing.
  • The prototype also forms the specification for an initial form implementation in the project idea.

Setup Digital Signatures

  • Together, we clarify which signature levels are available for which use cases.
  • We show the possibilities of QES identification.
  • We jointly plan the training for the Master RA Agent (incl. e Learning) and the rollout plan to the entire organization.
  • We handle the contract with Swisscom Trust Services.
  • We record the individual design adjustments.
  • We check the integration/interfaces.
    We set the power user training together.
    and offer a question/answer session.

Clarification of interfaces

  • We clarify with your specialists how the data and documents of your specialist systems can be integrated into the form processes.
  • These interfaces can be used as input sources for pre-filling the forms and as output sources for the collected data and generated documents.

Integration in die Infrastruktur​

  • Gemeinsam mit Ihren Enterprise- und Systemarchitekten definieren wir die richtige Integration unserer Lösungen in Ihre bestehende Lösungslandschaft.
  • ​​Unsere Lösungen können einerseits auf der zertifizierten und auditierten Schweizer Microsoft Azure Umgebung betrieben werden. Ebenfalls ist der lokale Betrieb in einer lokalen Umgebung natürlich möglich.​​
  • Zudem können Authentifizierungsmöglichkeiten für die Benutzerverwaltung in die Formularprozesse integriert werden. ​​


  • Wir klären mit Ihren Spezialisten wie die Daten und Dokumente Ihrer Fachsysteme in die Formularprozesse integriert werden können.​​​​
  • Diese Schnittstellen können als Inputsquellen für die Vorbefüllung der Formulare sowie als Outputquellen für die gesammelten Daten und generierten Dokumente eingesetzt werden.​

Data security concept

  • Based on regular audits of our solutions, we deliver the highest quality in terms of data security and clearly demonstrate these solution approaches.
  • We answer your questions regarding data retention, data storage, interface safeguards and platform security.

Branding​ Proof

  • Together with your marketing and branding team, we clarify that the form solutions we develop together can be optimally integrated into your existing presences.

Architecture + Scaling Forms

  • Due to our solution approach, a large scaling effect can be created for the entire forms inventory, since numerous form elements are maintained centrally and subsequently used in a wide variety of forms.
  • Together with your enterprise architects, we ensure that all departments that use forms within the organization are aware of our solution approach and can benefit from this scaling effect.