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Generate documents

With our form solutions, you can automate your contract document generation with captured data and existing building blocks. Manual, tedious and error-prone processes are eliminated and you lay the foundation for a lean, digital business process.

Everything for your digital contract generation

Your customers' data has been successfully captured in forms? What happens now?
All captured data is automatically filled into documents and contracts. This automation enables you to increase efficiency enormously by eliminating manual efforts for creating documents. 
In addition, document parts that match the captured data, such as general terms and conditions, can be integrated in a logic-based manner, so that in the end you receive your complete contract documents in your design with all captured data.

Let's talk about your digital document generation

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Our digital contract generation offers you extensive advantages


Captured data directly into PDF

The data is integrated at the place provided in the document - automatically and without manual intervention. This prevents input errors and ensures high data quality.

Logic for contracts

Generated documents are compiled as required according to predefined logic. For example, depending on the selection in the preceding form, other general terms and conditions, product information texts or contact information can be automatically integrated into the generated contract. This automatically generates the contract documents relevant for the selected use case and manual errors during assembly can be prevented.


Multiple forms - one document

Documents and/or contracts can also be populated with data from different forms. For example, you can conveniently combine and manage two forms separated in PDF or physical form, such as a change of address and a change of bank information, in one form process.

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Digital signatures

The contract has now been generated and we are ready to close the deal digitally. You can find out how to close the deal here:


Raphael Bättig

Chief Marketing Officer | Consulting

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CH-6210 Sursee

T +41 41 921 97 90 | M +41 76 580 37 31

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Everything for a digital experience

Our ajila Forms Cloud helps you to handle all your forms processes digitally with one solution approach from A - Z without media breaks.