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A thousand manual transactions become 75,000 digital contracts/year at Swisscom

Learn how ajila works with its customers to enable digital business transactions with online forms, contract generation and electronic signatures. The following case study shows how we implemented the Fiber to the Home project with Swisscom (Schweiz).

Valeria Di Dato

Increasing networking leads to large number of contracts

When new or existing buildings are equipped with fiber-optic access (fiber to the home), various contracts are concluded by the building owner, the architect and Swisscom as the infrastructure partner. We were able to support Swisscom in digitally processing around 75,000 contracts per year.

The customer

Swisscom (Schweiz)

Swisscom is one of Switzerland's leading telecommunications and IT companies, headquartered in Ittigen near the capital Bern.  Swisscom is 51% owned by the Swiss government and is one of the most sustainable and innovative companies in Switzerland. In the saturated, highly competitive telecommunications market, a company like Swisscom must constantly evolve: Swisscom now generates most of its revenue with products that didn't even exist a few years ago.


The starting position

A manual contract process

Swisscom carried out thousands of manual transactions every year to conclude development contracts with homeowners so that they could obtain a "Fiber to the Home" connection. This contract process was previously carried out manually in paper form. The digital signature was integrated neither in the business process nor in the CRM tool. This not only led to immense inefficiencies on Swisscom's side, but also affected the customer experience.


The solution

Digital form process with constant overvie

Today, ajila offers a full digital process that is integrated into Swisscom's CRM system. The digital signature process also allows an intermediary, in our example the architect, to co-control the process and keep track of the entire business process.

Today, Swisscom sends the contract, which has already been digitally signed by its side, to the applicant via a link. The applicant also signs digitally. An automatic reminder is then sent if a signing party does not sign within the agreed period. The digital signature process is provided in several languages (D/F/I). Once the digital signature has been executed, all signing parties receive a signed copy.


The added value

For the customer

The digital signature process enables Swisscom to conclude its contracts quickly and paperlessly - and optimally integrated into the existing business systems. Swisscom thus provides customers with a shortened end-to-end process and can thus greatly accelerate the installations of the "Fiber to the Home connections".

FTTH connections to double to 3 million by 2025

Swisscom is currently expanding its fiber-optic network to homes and businesses (FTTH) on an ongoing basis and aims to double the number of connections to 3 million by 2025. Around 375,000 digital contracts are required for these connections. The time savings of around 30 minutes / contract mean that 187,500 hours can be efficiently saved as a result.




"Having development contracts signed on paper caused us a great deal of effort and required a long processing time per process. The fact that with ajila's solution the development contracts can be concluded end-to-end digitally by the various contracting parties and without media disruptions offers us huge added value."

Stefanie Wirth - Business Analyst
Swisscom (Schweiz) AG