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Digital and flexible 24/7 contracting in the customer portal of Swisscom (Schweiz)

These success stories make digitization tangible. Read our case study to find out how we implemented the Selfcare Portal project together with Swisscom (Schweiz).

Valeria Di Dato

The customer

Swisscom (Schweiz)

Swisscom is the leading telecommunications and one of the leading IT companies in Switzerland, headquartered in Ittigen near the capital Bern. Swisscom is 51% owned by the Swiss government and is one of the most sustainable and innovative companies in Switzerland. In the saturated, highly competitive telecommunications market, a company like Swisscom must constantly evolve: Swisscom generates most of its revenue with products that didn't even exist a few years ago.


The starting position

Subscription changes with time delay due to manual contract processes 

The customer experience via Swisscom's online channels is steadily gaining in importance, as Swisscom customers want to handle all processes such as contract signatures, POA (number porting), device payment, or contract transfers digitally around the clock. Until recently, however, in certain cases a prospective customer still received a contract after the order was received, which had to be signed on paper and returned by mail. Thousands of physical contract changes accumulated at Swisscom per year as a result.


The Solution

Digital contracting enables fast product and service delivery

Today, ajila offers fully integrated digital contract processes in Swisscom's self-care customer portal. The blink signature service is used in Swisscom's self-care portal for mobile subscriptions, among other things. Customers can adjust their subscriptions in the shortest possible time, simply sign them digitally and thus benefit immediately from new services. For example, a live game on blue TV can be consumed directly thanks to the quick subscription change.

ajila has integrated the digital form service into Swisscom's CRM system, whereby data sovereignty always remains with Swisscom. There is an automatic and secure data exchange between the Swiss ajila Cloud and Swisscom. The platform is offered in 4 languages (D,F,I,E). 


The added value

Continuous digital services

Thanks to the automatically generated contracts and the digital signature process for various Swisscom services, the online store visitor can flexibly choose whether he wants to sign a contract immediately or at a later date. If he decides to sign later or wants to make a subscription change via hotline, a personal link is automatically sent to him by e-mail or SMS. This link takes him to the digital contract. He can use any media available to him, such as a PC, tablet or smartphone, and any browser to sign the contract. Thanks to his dashboard, the customer can see the open steps and when the contract was successfully completed. In addition, he is automatically informed after 3 days with a reminder if the signature is pending. After activation, the new services are immediately available to the customer. 


"With ajila, we have managed to provide our customers with a digital and flexible 24/7 customer portal service. The customer can sign his subscription adjustments digitally and thus quickly benefit from new services without postal routes, without PDFs or printing efforts. Digital and without media discontinuity from contract generation to signature."

Claudio Poltera - Teamlead Customer Experience Design
Swisscom (Schweiz) AG